Innovative concept of solar technology: Catching rays from all directions

Unlike conventional flat solar cells, Sphelar® cell takes on a spherical shape, which makes it capable of power generation with greater efficiency. This tiny solar cell, measuring a mere 1–2 mm across, holds huge potential for smart and green society.

 Unlike conventional flat solar cells, micro spherical solar cell has spherical light-receiving surface.

1–2mm in diameter, it looks like a bead.
Sphelar® is the micro spherical solar cell with electrodes in opposite sides. It was invented and developed by Kyosemi Corporation.

Light does not fall in a uniform manner in the natural world. The position of the sun is constantly moving. Some of the sunlight are dispersed by clouds and others are reflected of glass and water. “What is the best way to catch all kind of sunlight effectively?” The concept of sphere was inspired by such a question.


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